We offer Auction Marketing and Traditional Brokerage of real estate to our sellers. We have found over the years that Auction Marketing is best suited to certain types of properties.

Farmland and timberland are just two types of properties that usually do well when sold at auction. Many times we have far exceeded our sellers’ expectations when selling farmland at auction.

There are several reasons for this success. One is that the farmland market is highly seasonal. In our area, we have an optimum selling season of about 3 – 4 months, when the land is between crops. When there are crops on the land, buyers are usually not interested in buying a property that someone else has control of.

Therefore, just before or soon after harvest, the most prospects are available with the best ability to buy.

North Carolina Farmland

Sometimes houses are best sold at auction. This is usually when the property needs extensive repairs that the sellers do not want to be responsible for.

Many times it is difficult for a seller to determine what repairs would be most appealing to a prospective buyer. Not wishing to spend money that will not enhance the property in the buyer’s mind, some sellers have successfully sold their property at auction and have the buyer repair the property to his own liking. This is quite often the case for families needing to sell property to settle an estate. Also, in an estate situation, we can sell, not only the real estate, but the contents of the house as well and solve two problems with one auction.

Another situation, that usually “screams auction” to us, is a property that can be divided and sold in parcels and combinations of parcels. This is only done efficiently at auction, by being able to offer all the parcels and all the combinations at one time, thereby achieving the maximum price and selling the property for its highest and best use at the same time. This is a factor in the success of farmland auctions as well.

If you have property to sell, call us for a free consultation as to the best way for you to achieve the maximum price for your property on a specific date and time.


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