2 Mini Warehouse Facilities

Selling a 36 unit mini warehouse facility in Windsor, NC and a 36 unit plus facility in Edenton, NC that also has an apartment.

Began: 11/04/17 at 10:30 AM EDT
Location: google pin icon 408 US 13-17S, Windsor, NC 27983

Property # 1 36 Unit Mini Warehouse On 2.78 +/- Acres Located at 408 US 13-17S, Windsor, NC 27983.

The size of the units at this location and their rental rates are as follows:

 2 – 10 X 30 units @ $75.00 each
 8 – 10 X 20 units @ $60.00 each 
 8 – 10 X 15 units @ $50.00 each 
 10 – 10 X 10 units @ 40.00 each 
 8 – 5 X 10 units @ $30.00 each 

Property # 276 Unit Mini Storage Facility with Apartment On 2.14 +/- Acres Located at 125 Davenport Lane, Edenton, NC 27932


The Edenton storage units have 76 units in 3 buildings: Sizes & Rental Rates Below



“E” Building has 19 units            “F” Building has 21 units

12 – 7 X 12 units @ $35.00 each      5 – 10 X 10 units @ $45.00 each  

4  – 10 X 12 units @ $40.00 each     15 – 5 X 10 units @ 30.00 each  

1 – 10 X 13 unit @ $50.00 each        1 – 7 X 12 unit @ 35.00 each    

1 – 14 X 32 unit @ $70.00 each          

1 – 10 X 32 unit @ $55.00 each     

“K” Building has 36 units   

8 – 10 X 20 units @ $65.00 each      

8 – 10 X 15 units @ $55.00 each       

8 – 10 X 10 units @ 45.00 each 

12 – 5 X 10 units @ $35.00 each       


There will be a 10% “Buyer’s Premium” on everything sold in this auction.

Terms and Conditions – For Bidding at the live auction for

Auction Properties: 408 US 13-17S, Windsor, NC 27983 &

125 Davenport Lane, Edenton, NC 27932

Saturday November 4th 2017 at 10:30 AM




  1. Auctioneers are AGENTS OF THE SELLERS in this transaction and Buyers are here by cautioned to thoroughly read the agency disclosure statement located within this “Bidder’s Package.”  Buyers will also be required to sign the agency disclosure statement.   If you hire a “Buyer’s Agent,” YOU will have to pay him/her, UNLESS arrangements have been made at least 48 hours prior to the auction between you, your chosen agent and the auctioneers.

        2. The property is being offered “as is, where is” with no warranties as to condition or              purpose of use.

        3. There will be a 10% “Buyer’s Premium” added to the high bid, and the total amount              of the high bid and the “Buyer’s Premium” will be the contract purchase price.

        4. The high bidder will be required to sign the Offer to Purchase and Contract,                           according to these terms and conditions and displayed elsewhere in this “Bidder                     Package.”  In addition, buyer must make an earnest money deposit of TEN                           PERCENT OF THE CONTRACT PURCHASE PRICE at the end of the                         auction either by cash or good check.  The balance of the purchase price must be                   paid either in cash or certified funds at the delivery of the deed, which is to be no                   later than three o’clock P.M. on the 11th day of January in the year 2018. 

        5.  The earnest money deposit is to be made payable to United Country Forbes                         Realty & Auctions, LLC to be deposited in its NON – INTEREST BEARING                 Trust Account until closing or dispersed as provided by the purchase contract.

        6.  If Buyer fails to perform as specified in the offer to purchase contract, the earnest                 money deposit will be forfeited to the SELLER and Auctioneer as liquidated                         damages.  Such forfeiture does not affect any other remedies available to Seller                     and/or Auctioneer for such breach of contract.

        7.  Seller will furnish the deed and revenue stamps at closing.  Buyer will pay all                       other closing costs including (if applicable) any County 1% Transfer Tax.                       County and Town Real Estate Taxes (if applicable) will be prorated at closing, with               seller paying all prior year taxes and current year taxes from January 1, 2018                         through the day of closing. 

        8. The offer to purchase contract and its terms will prevail as to the terms of the                         agreement between buyer and seller.

        9. The subject real property is sold for cash, not contingent on financing.  Buyer(s)                     should be sure of his/her/their ability to obtain a loan on the property if a loan is                     necessary for Buyer(s) to complete the purchase.  In the event the buyer(s) are                       unable to obtain a loan and do not close the transaction, Buyer(s) will forfeit any                   and all earnest money deposits to Sellers and Auctioneer as liquidated damages.                     Forfeiture of earnest money deposits does not release Buyer(s) from any other legal               remedies due to Sellers and Auctioneer.

      10.  Any properly registered and qualified bidder, including auctioneer and auctioneer                  employees, may bid on the property.


      12. No Bidder on the real estate may be declared the high bidder unless he/she is                        properly registered to bid on the real estate and sign the proper forms for bidder                    registration.

      13. All inspection periods, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, Structural,                      HVAC, Lead Based Paint and OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENTS,              shall be PRIOR TO THE AUCTION and no inspection conducted after the                        auction after the signing of the Purchase Contract shall be grounds for not                              performing as specified in the purchase contract.  Buyer(s) are hereby advised that                he/she/they ARE RESPONSIBLE to inspect the property to their satisfaction as to              condition and purpose of use, INCLUDING COUNTY/CITY ZONING                            REQUIREMENTS AND/OR ZONING VIOLATIONS or if applicable any                    Historic Register’s National and/or local requirements.

     14. This “Bidder’s Package” includes the following disclosures and Buyer                                   acknowledges    receiving them prior to being asked to sign an offer to purchase                     contract.    

           A.        The North Carolina Residential Disclosure Statement, if applicable.                           B.        Lead Based Paint Disclosure Statement from Seller, if applicable.

           C.        Bertie and/or Chowan County Flood Zone Map Respectively           

           D.        Mineral and Oil and Gas Rights Disclosure

    15.  Auctioneers have made every effort to provide the most complete                                     information possible.  However, Auctioneers do not warrant the completeness                 or accuracy of the information provided.  These “Terms and Conditions” may               be amended by auctioneers by announcements from the podium at the auction               to attempt to assure Buyer(s) are provided the most complete and accurate                     information.

    16. The Auction is the exclusive intellectual property of the Auctioneer, covered by              copyright protections, and may not be recorded, reproduced, or used in any                    form by anyone other than Auctioneer.

    17. Bidders, Buyers and other persons present at the Auction (collectively                            “Attendees”) are advised that Auctioneer and it’s agents, contractors,                              employees, and/or representatives may record the Auction, related matters, and            Attendees through audiotape, photography, motion pictures, and /or videotape              for advertising, marketing, promotion, publicity, record, and/or trade purposes,            and in consideration of being allowed to attend the Auction, Attendees                            unconditionally and irrevocably agree that their images and voices may be so                recorded and used by Auctioneer in all types of media without territorial, time,              or use limitation, and without compensations being owed or paid to Attendees                by Auctioneer or Seller.

   18. These “Terms and Conditions” apply to bidding at the “Live Auction” only.                    Bidders who wish to bid on the phone, or on the internet, must AGREE AND                COMPLY to the “Terms and Conditions” for PHONE OR INTERNET                          BIDDING ON THIS AUCTION.

   19. The Auction Firm and Auctioneer has the sole discretion to determine the                       increments of bidding and how the property or properties will be offered for                   sale. 

 By bidding at this auction, Buyer acknowledges that he/she has received a copy of these Terms and Conditions and that he/she has had the opportunity to read and understand them and agrees to abide by them at this auction

 IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, the below named parties acknowledge that he/she/they have read the above forgoing Terms and Conditions of this auction contained herein, and hereby agree to all of the above, and further acknowledge receipt of a copy of these Terms and Conditions.


Bidder Number


____________________________           ____________________________

(Bidder-Buyer) Printed Name                       (Bidder-Buyer) Printed Name


 ____________________________           ____________________________

(Bidder-Buyer)   Signature                                                                 (Bidder-Buyer)   Signature                                                


Buyer’s Contact Information:


Address: _________________________                   ____________________________


City, State, Zip:  __________________________    ____________________________


Phone: ________________________                        Email:____________________________


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Windsor Mini Storage Warehouse Building K - 36 Units Edenton Building F - 21 units Edenton Building E - 19 units Edenton Apartment

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36 Unit Mini Storage Building Road Side End of Building Large Storage Unit Side Inside Unit Inside Unit Different Wall
Inside Unit Wall with Door Small Units Side Chain Link Fence Surrounding most of property Back End of Building Large Unit Side From Rear of Property
Billboard on Property

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Building K Building K Building K Building K Building K
Building F Building F Building F Apartment Building Apartment Building
Building E Building E

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